Note And Todo Android application:

Note and Todo is a user-friendly notebook app that offers two main sections: Memo and Todo. 


In the Memo section, users have the freedom to jot down anything they desire. Whether it's a quick note, a short story, or even a portion of a larger note, a blank page is provided for easy writing. Imagine you're on a trip, and you plan to write a captivating travel story once you return home. Whenever something interesting happens during your journey, you can conveniently create a memo in the app and attach the location of that specific place to the note. This way, when you decide to write your story, you can easily recall where you wrote each memo, providing valuable references.


The Todo section allows you to organize your tasks effectively. Create a to-do list of all the tasks you need to accomplish, and as you complete them, you can mark them as done. This helps you keep track of your progress and stay organized. Additionally, if there are any tasks you no longer require or need to modify, you have the option to delete or edit them as necessary. This ensures that your to-do list remains up to date and reflects your current priorities.

With its simplicity and practical features, the Note and Todo Android Application is designed to enhance your productivity and assist you in capturing important moments and managing your tasks efficiently.

The graphic of the application:

Now let's see what the app looks like.

Splash screen 

Main page

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