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Enjoy the hangman game on your mobile phone. This gallows classic game is good for everyone in any age, especially for those adults who want to improve their vocabulary. This game can help the kids to learn new words.

The hangman, is a classic game in which you will have to guess a word by selecting the letters that you think may be included in the mystery word.

After pressing the start button a mystery word will be considered for you to guess. For each character of the mystery word a star is shown on the screen, so you can know the number of characters to guess. For example you will see **** for the word GAME!

You have to guess the characters one by one and press the check letter to see if you’ve guessed right. Do this to find all of the correct letters; then when you think you know the whole word write it and press check word.

BUT be careful! You only have ten chances to choose, otherwise you will lose the game.

Pay attention to the left side of the hanged man. You will see all the characters that you have guessed. They will appear there to help you not to repeat them; correct characters are typed in green where the wrong characters are typed in red.

For each mistake that you make, the figure of a stick man will be formed: first the gallows, then the head, the body and, finally, the arms and legs. Guess the word before the gallows is complete.

Hint: use the vowels first, since there are more chances to guess a secret letter (a, e, i, o, u ... etc.).


- For all ages.

- About 11000 of words

- Learn vocabulary and words in English language

- Simple and fun game

- Completely free

- Attractive and colorful design

- Possibility to enable or disable the sound. 

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