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Welcome to my portfolio website! I'm Mohsen Mashkour, a Master Engineer of ICT and a passionate native Android developer. With a strong educational background and expertise in mobile app development, I'm dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly Android applications.

Since graduating in 2019, I have been actively involved in various projects, honing my skills and gaining valuable experience in the Android development industry. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to tackle diverse challenges and deliver high-quality solutions that meet client needs.

With over 22,000 views and 110 videos, my channel is a hub of knowledge and resources for anyone interested in Android app development. I am passionate about teaching and sharing my expertise in this field, specifically focusing on Kotlin, the language of choice for modern Android development.

Through my videos, I cover a wide range of topics related to Android app development, ensuring that both beginners and experienced developers can find valuable content. From the basics of widgets and components to more advanced concepts like lifecycles, views, and fragments, I strive to provide comprehensive tutorials that empower viewers to build robust and user-friendly Android applications.

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