Note And Todo Android application:

Note and Todo is a simple notebook app with two main sections; memo and todo.


In the memo section, a blank page will be provided for the users to write anything they want. for example a small note, a short story, or a part of a big note.

There is an option in this section. consider you are on a trip and you planned to write a story about your travel after you came back home. At any place where something interesting happened, you can write it on the app as a memo and you can attach the location of the place to the note. later when you want to write the story you can remember where did you write the memo and it can be helpful.


In the Todo section, you can make a to-do list of the tasks that you must do. When you did the task you can mark it as done. Then if you want you can delete or edit any task that you don't need it.

The graphic of the application:

Now let's see what the app looks like.

Splash screen

Main page